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Asbestos Cancer and Mesothelioma are occupational diseases. Below are some of the jobs at highest risk for exposure to asbestos.

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Your attorney can help you identify the product that caused your exposure and link it to asbestos settlement funds.

Many Workers are at increased risk:

1. Asbestos Workers
2. Railroad Workers
3. Construction Workers
4. Demolition Workers
5. Asbestos Miners
6. Drywall Industry
7. Heating Industry
8. Auto Mechanics
9. Foundries
10. Paper Mills
11. Steel Mills
12. Oil Refineries

13. Shipyard Workers
14. Firefighters
15. Furnace Technicians

16. Power Plant
17. Blacksmith
18. Gas Station Attendant

19. Boilermakers
20. Insulation Workers
21. Sanders
22. Brick Masons
23. Iron Workers
24. Carpenters
25. Machinists
26. Sheetmetal
27. Masons
28. Merchant Marines
29. Steamfitters
30. Metal Lathers
31. Textile Workers
and dozens more Industries.

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